Safe church resources

House of Worship Seminar Available In SONKA

Saturday October 20 in Dayton

Presented by the Ohio Crime Prevention Association

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In January 2018, the Southwest Ohio Association of the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ recognized intense interest and many common questions from congregations in regards to keeping their churches safe from "active shooters." Recognizing this interest along with concerns that are similar and just as important to address, SONKA organized two workshops (one north, one south) with the help of the Church Relations Team.

This site is intended to provide useful resources from those workshops to local churches, and to be a repository of information to share among all our churches.

We can help each other. We have found incredible expertise within the congregations of the association and seek to match congregations with special needs and interests to other congregational resources that can help. Use this form to let us know of special expertise you may offer, or if you have questions/concerns you would like some help with.

Jan2018 ChSaf PPT

Presentation Used for SONKA Workshops

(Jan 13 was delayed to Jan 27 due to weather)