Many citizens were originally taught a "lock down" mindset in their schools or workplaces, that generally encouraged responses and plans built around hiding from an active threat and waiting for law enforcement to arrive. We believe that every situation is so different, we would do a disservice to promote a lock-down-only approach. By changing mindsets and empowering citizens to protect themselves, most law enforcement agencies currently teach methods similar to the above "Run, Hide, Fight" mentality in the above videos.

This is a dynamic teaching and mindset process that is not best served within the confines of this website. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and different scenarios call for different answers. Leaders should adopt this mindset and then roll it out to their constituents as they deem fit. Resources are available within SONKA to help congregations through the discussion and process. Many local police agencies will also help a church through this. There are other models, such as "ALICE" that are very similar in substance and we believe each church should determine what fits them the best.

If you'd like someone from SONKA to discuss this with your leadership or your church, please complete the below form so we can help make that connection. (And don't forget to complete the form if you church has already been through this and could share with another church!)