Abuse Prevention

While the organizers from the Church Relations Team appreciate the concern and the willingness to work on protecting churches from active shooters, part of us shake our heads at the failure to address prevention and response to some of the abuses that unfortunately occur on a much more regular basis in our churches. This is why we are exploiting the increased interest to encourage an all-hazard approach to church safety.

Our very own Insurance Board offers some wonderful resources to their own clients which are also available to some extent to any of us in the denomination -

And, any insurance company that covers churches probably offers templates or sample policies. We used to call these "Child Protection Policies" but most modern documents go much further than just protecting the kids. Does your church already have a policy and response plan in place to know what to do if a child or an adult makes an accusation against staff? What if money has not been deposited in accordance with the church's established standards? Insurance companies and those that support your organization can and should expect a congregation to protect themselves against accusations and losses.

Does your church have some well established policies related to abuse and financial fraud prevention you'd be willing to share with others? Please complete the form below. If your group is just starting to address this, complete the form and let us know what type of information you need connected to.